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A next-generation distributed antenna system for sustainable and affordable future mobile broadband.

A consortium led by Maven Wireless develops a next-generation cellular and public safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for sustainable and affordable future mobile broadband.

Wireless consumers expect high data rate coverage in all locations, and mission-critical public safety networks are evolving from voice only to high speed data. Operators must provide current and future mobile services with shrinking profit margins.

DAS solution lets multiple operators pool their resources in buildings, tunnels or metro systems. However, current DAS solutions lack digital link capacity for new standards and are highly energy-consuming.

How we reached the goals

The project had four objectives: Improving efficiency with state-of-the-art digitally linearized radio frequency amplifiers, dramatically reducing power consumption to less 50% that of current solutions, giving 800MHz high speed data for public safety coverage and to shatter digital link capacity limits to give an upgrade path to 5G.

Spinverse supported the consortium members from three countries in the application process and assisted in formulating the application texts as well as ensuring the process’ overall quality.

Key takeaways

With a successful application process, a grant of 800 k€ was given to the consortium to develop the wireless system to better serve end consumers.

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