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Kiilto’s SUPER Healthy Buildings Ecosystem: pioneering sustainability and wellbeing in the construction industry

"Spinverse has been an indispensable partner in shaping our ideas and making them accessible to a wider audience. Their support has been invaluable, providing us with the foundation we needed to communicate our vision clearly and convincingly."

Raija Polvinen, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Kiilto.

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Funding instrument

Business Finland, Innovation Fund for Low Carbon Built Environments

Kiilto, a leader in the construction and building industry, is driving a transformative project called the Kiilto SUPER Healthy Buildings Ecosystem. With a strong focus on sustainability and wellbeing, the project aims to revolutionize the construction sector by creating healthy, zero-emission living spaces.

Key challenges

Recognizing the urgent need for a global shift in the built environment due to increasing human population and its significant environmental impacts, the SUPER project considers the entire life cycle of future buildings, including design, sustainable material choices, improved productivity in construction, and creating healthy living environments. The project places special emphasis on construction materials and processes, enabling Kiilto to address environmental challenges at every stage.

How we reached the goals

Kiilto partnered with Spinverse for our expertise in securing public funding, and Spinverse played a pivotal role in shaping Kiilto's ideas and transforming them into a cohesive text for their funding application. By leveraging Spinverse's insights and support, Kiilto saved valuable time and successfully communicated their vision. Our proposal team provided essential assistance in roadmap creation for the SUPER open innovation mission.

Key takeaways

The SUPER Healthy Buildings project is built on four core pillars:

Sustainable Building Materials: replacing fossil-based materials with circular, renewable, and plant-based alternatives, harnessing plant waste as a valuable resource.

Digital and Sustainable Building Processes: optimizing building process efficiency while prioritizing sustainability.

Healthy Living and Green Maintenance: designing human-centric buildings that prioritize indoor air quality, acoustics, and overall comfort for occupants.

Enabling Construction Circularity: embracing circular economy principles, enabling material circulation and minimizing waste. Buildings are envisioned as material banks, promoting traceability and trade of construction materials.

Impact of the project

Kiilto's SUPER Healthy Buildings project places emphasis on addressing environmental challenges through sustainable construction materials and processes. With each stage of development, Kiilto is committed to creating a better, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.