Customer story

Spinverse powers pediatric healthcare collaboration with a successful Horizon Europe funding proposal

"Our partnership with Spinverse has been highly beneficial. Their help in project preparation has been invaluable. I am eagerly looking forward to the significant, positive influence this project will impact on pediatric healthcare."

Suzan Ikävalko, EU Research Funding Manager, HUS.

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Funding instrument

Horizon Europe

The PHEMS project, run by a consortium led by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), is set to transform data-driven research and innovation activities in pediatrics. The groundbreaking idea is to develop a decentralized health data ecosystem that can overcome barriers to cross-border collaboration on health data. This will enable an ecosystem without central data repositories, safeguarding sensitive personal health data within hospitals.

Key challenges

The PHEMS project consortium had a vision to overcome obstacles hindering cross-border health data collaboration. The challenge was to align ethical and legal requirements of leading European pediatric hospitals with the needs of data users while preserving patient's data privacy. They also aimed to advance data-driven research and innovation in pediatrics but needed significant funding to make this a reality.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse partnered with the consortium to prepare a proposal for the Horizon Europe funding. With our support, the consortium successfully secured 7M€ funding from Horizon Europe programme and the UK research funding agency. This enabled the project to kick-start in October 2023, with a plan to run until September 2026.

Key takeaways

The project's approach involves developing new technologies that facilitate authorized access to health data at multiple locations, advancing federated health data analysis with next-generation anonymization, and establishing shared rules and governance structures. The project is expected to revolutionize pediatric healthcare by liberating health data for the discovery of new diagnostics, treatments, and medications, as well as promoting the use of AI in pediatrics.

Impact of the project

The PHEMS project's impact is immense. It is not only expected to enhance outcomes in pediatric care but is also pushing forward the use of innovative technologies such as AI in pediatrics. The project's success signifies a brighter future for children's health across Europe. The collaboration also marks a significant milestone for Spinverse, as it demonstrates our ability to support transformative projects that have a profound societal impact.