Customer story

Midsummer to build a mega factory to produce CIGS thin film solar cells

"We are very satisfied with the expertise and support we received from the Spinverse team. The team members were very professional and got on the right track immediately, which paved the way in compiling our successful application."

Richard Jordberg, Manager, Materials Development, Midsummer.

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Funding instrument

Innovation Fund

The ambition in the project by Midsummer is to become Europe's largest manufacturer of thin film solar cells with several factories across Europe, and this support will naturally facilitate the establishment of their second European mega factory after the 50 MW factory in Italy that will soon open.

Key challenges

Midsummer aims to build a factory in Sweden to produce thin film solar cells of the CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenide) type. Such cells are thin, light, flexible and possess an ultra-low climate footprint.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse funding experts supported Midsummer in this competitive funding call in the application phase by managing and facilitating the whole proposal building process from project concepting to the proposal writing and quality assurance. 

Key takeaways

Out of 239 applications submitted to the EU Innovation Fund, as few as 41 were selected to receive funding. Only three European solar companies were pre-selected for funding from the Innovation Fund, Midsummer being one of them. Midsummer is one of the few scalable platforms in Europe and the most environmentally friendly. These are important factors for the EU, which wants to quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and above all. to do so with local European manufacturers, value chains and products.

Impact of the project

The outcomes of the project are well aligned with the EU goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and boost European competitiveness - the new factory in Sweden is estimated to provide 250 jobs.