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Spinverse is the Nordic leader in Innovation Consulting, specialized in creating open innovation ecosystems, funding, corporate renewal and boosting growth. We drive innovation in all key industries: health, electronics, ICT & security, circular bio-economy, manufacturing and energy to solve the major global challenges.

Our customers range from largest corporations to the smartest growth companies in the Nordic countries and other parts of Europe. We help our clients to manage innovation portfolios, build project plans, select partners, find funding and lead the projects. Together with our clients we build new businesses from €100 M upwards.

Spinverse employs some 50 international professionals at its offices in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

To increase our delivery capacity and client reach, we are looking for experienced freelancers around Europe. You will be involved in a wide range of consulting assignments, typically in the areas of Open Innovation, corporate renewal and growth.

Our value proposition for the freelance partners is a win-win relationship that allows the freelancer to:

  1. better focus on assignments in their core areas of expertise and together win assignments that neither of the partners alone could sell or deliver;
  2. increase the sales and the share of billable hours by leveraging the Spinverse brand as well as marketing and sales resources;
  3. leverage Spinverse’s capacity of delivery support and administration to reduce the time spent on supplementary activities.

We are looking for different freelancers for a variety of roles, including:

  1. Bid writing expert, with successful track record in national and EU funding instruments and proposal preparation;
  2. Multi-party program and ecosystem expert, with good project work and management skills in certain industries or across industry boundaries;
  3. Customer relationship guru, capable to act as the interface between the client and Spinverse’s program execution team.

Relevant Competencies:

  • M.Sc. or D.Sc., for example in engineering, industrial management, economics or natural sciences
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills in English (especially technology-related), other European languages are a plus
  • Business and / or industrial experience especially within bio-refining, ICT (e.g. 5G, cyber security, FinTech, AI/ML, BigData) or Industry 4.0 (e.g. digital twins, sensors, data analytics) sectors as well as private fundraising and public funding applications (National/EU instruments)
  • Understanding of business cultures of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, scientists etc.
  • Good social skills and ability to interact with customers and project stakeholders in a client-oriented way
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to challenge the customers
  • Prioritization capability and attention to detail

To express your interest in the freelancer relationship, please send your LinkedIn Profile URL or resume, cover letter (max 500 words) with an indication of your typical daily rates in relevant projects. We would also appreciate you to fill in the Freelancer Profile sheet for matching experts to client assignments. We will be contacting you as soon as we have reviewed your proposal.

Contact person

Mikko Kaarela

Senior Consultant, M.Sc.(Eng.), MBA (IMD) +358 40 060 7277

Innovation ecosystem leader

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Job location: Espoo

What is driving you to make changes in your career right now?

Have you worked with innovation projects as management consultant, and now wish to take the next step in your career and co-create radical innovations and breakthroughs in a multidisciplinary environment?

Or are you perhaps currently working as an in-house expert in a corporation leading your innovation projects and now wish to broaden your portfolio into a larger spectrum of disruptive, world-changing innovations?


As Innovation Ecosystem Leader your main task is to build and lead multidisciplinary innovation ecosystems and eventually transform them into successful business ecosystems. In other words, the ecosystem leader takes the lead in an innovation ecosystem without a formal role, by focusing on creating a common strategy with clear value propositions, co-creating a successful business model and supporting interaction between the partners. The goal is to lead the ecosystem and convert radical innovations into concrete go-to-market business opportunities and create value for the customers of the ecosystem.

This is a marvelous opportunity for you to capitalize on all your previous experience in complex innovation projects, business consulting and cross-company leadership to ensure the success of radical innovation and have a truly global impact.

As the Nordic leaders in innovation consulting we Spinversians specialize in innovation ecosystems that help our customers renew in industries such as energy, bioeconomy, manufacturing, ICT, and health. Our unique and bespoke Spinverse approach helps our customers build radical innovations to 100+ MEUR businesses. Our customer base is all around Europe and we are constantly developing completely new concepts that will enter the markets in 3 to 5 to 10 years’ time.


Diverse companies, organizations and individuals from different industries forming an innovation ecosystem tend to have different strategic directions. An innovation ecosystem is a loose organization in a judicial point of view and all this makes leading one a rather complex, but an intriguing job. According to our experience, in order to build trust and lead a successful innovation ecosystem, there are six key tasks on the ecosystem leader’s to-do list:

  1. Articulating the shared vision and creating a common strategy for the ecosystem
  2. Co-creating win-win use cases and business models: describing how each partner benefits from the cooperation
  3. Setting clear roles and responsibilities for each partner
  4. Leading in complexity: setting simple guidelines enabling cooperation, and communicating them
  5. Supporting interaction and dialogue between the partners
  6. Managing a balance between discipline and creativity

Innovation ecosystems are a booming way of co-creating innovations and new business. As we Spinversians have worked with them already for ten years, we offer our learnings and extensive knowledge to help you get a running start. Our experts have outlined the ecosystem leadership model, but there is also room for your own approach as a leader and an expert.

Read an article to learn more about innovation ecosystems and our leadership model


We must say that we are clearly results-driven, but we do that with a humane approach. We believe in a good work-life-balance and have seen it drive the high-quality results of our work. This means that we offer you an opportunity to combine your ambitions of world-changing innovations with a high-quality personal life.

The 50 of us have diverse professional and personal backgrounds, which makes our culture of cross-functional teamwork one of a kind. Many of us have an international flavor to life, many of us like new technology and gadgets, many of us are highly educated academics. All of us are hard working professionals with a passion and together we have a huge range of experience and knowledge from different industries and sectors to share with each other and the world.


During your first six months at Spinverse, we expect you to:

  • Successfully apply your experience in leadership, ecosystems and converting innovations into business and perhaps even apply it in a specific industry
  • Take the lead of one or two of our ongoing innovation ecosystem projects with the assistance of a project team
  • Build trust between the partners in your ecosystem project as well as in yourself as Innovation Ecosystem Leader.

After your first year you have:

  • Designed, mobilized and lead an innovation ecosystem project with high customer satisfaction
  • Built ownership in your practices as Innovation Ecosystem Leader to the extent, that you are able to share your knowledge with others, also at public events.


It is highly important for us that you feel passion towards disruptive, world-changing innovations and co-creating new business opportunities that have a global impact. In addition, you should recognize yourself in the following:

  • Curiosity is our key driver to success
  • Our people tend to have an appetite for continuous learning
  • Cross-functional and multidisciplinary teamwork is how we work
  • Sense of humor drives our team spirit

Critical know-how and experience in candidates we seek:

  • Previous demonstrated experience in leading successful innovation projects and creating new business by means of innovation
  • Solid track-record in project management, leadership, business consulting and ecosystems
  • Industrial experience in one of our focus areas: Bioeconomy & Renewals, ICT & Security, Health & Electronics and Manufacturing & Energy
  • Ability to produce high quality visual and verbal (presentation) material and communicate complex matters with simplicity
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English (Finnish is a plus)
  • Applicable references


Please apply to this position latest by 13.1.2019

You are welcome to address any further questions to Niklas Weckström: tel. +358 45 268 3622 on 8.1.2019 10:00-11:30 or niklas.weckstrom@spinverse.com

Contact person

Niklas Weckström

VP New Business, M.Sc. +358 45 268 36 22

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Mikko J. Salminen

Director, Open Innovation, M.Sc. +358 50 387 0007

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The co-operation with Spinverse helped us to see our business models and market needs in new perspective. Our message was simplified, and we found new business possibilities.

Jyri Roselius

CEO, Piceasoft

With the help of Spinverse experts, we expanded our business plan with the right answers to new questions. Without Spinverse I doubt we would have achieved our goals.

Christian Harwanegg

CEO, MacroArrayDiagnostics

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