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CleverHealth Network is the world’s fastest track to digital healthcare innovations & business. CleverHealth Network is an intensive innovation ecosystem coordinated by HUS (The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) focusing on data-driven digital health care innovations.

There is a growing need worldwide for digital health solutions. An innovation ecosystem coordinated by HUS (The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) called CleverHealth Network, brings together the health technology knowhow, healthcare professionals and the precise healthcare data of HUS. The aim of the CleverHealth Network is a turnover of 11 billion euro and export earnings of 7,7 billion euro for the companies in the ecosystem. The joint activity of 14 world-class technology companies and top-notch healthcare professionals develops together efficient patient care solutions for specific clinical needs utilizing precise health & wellness data.

How we reached the goals

Our role was assisting HUS with ecosystem planning and setting up the practicalities involved in bringing up a whole new ecosystem. We were involved heavily in the ecosystem’s orchestration, coaching, communications with partners and facilitating building of target-oriented multi-partner projects

Key takeaways

The ecosystem opens up new project opportunities for the Finnish companies and creates new employment in the field of digital healthcare solutions. By utilizing the healthcare data, the aim is to build health- and well-being technology product and service innovations to improve efficiency and patient care as well as health and well-being. In addition, the aim is to grow technology exports and increase foreign investments to Finland.

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