Customer story

BioOstrand biorefinery for sustainable aviation fuels

"The knowledge Spinverse experts contributed to the innovation section was of great help, as well as their resourcefulness in quickly providing additional guidance to parts of the financial sections. It really helped us present our innovation in a compelling and dynamic way and find gaps that were missing."

Therese Nylander, Project Manager, Bio Östrand.

Customer story in numbers




Expected entry into operation

9 Mt


Funding instrument

Innovation Fund

Biorefinery Östrand, a company jointly owned by Swedish SCA and Finnish energy company St1, is one of eight projects currently earmarked for support in CINEA’s general emissions reductions category. The support will be distributed on an ongoing basis in several different steps, provided that SCA and St1 decide to invest in the biorefinery.

Key challenges

The project addresses the critical need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from aviation, and offer the plastics industry a more sustainable, renewable alternative to replace fossil raw materials with renewable naphtha.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse experts aided the project in preparing a proposal for an EU Innovation Fund grant. Once the initial research studies provided by Spinverse ensured the project idea to be eligible for Innovation Fund funding, the expert team from Spinverse started working closely with the core team from Biorefinery Östrand on the proposal writing process.

Key takeaways

The agreement entitles the company to an innovation grant of approximately 167M€ in the event of a future investment decision for a project that will produce bio and RFNBO fuels from forestry residues and renewable electricity.

Impact of the project

The premise on which the grant award was issued is that any future production of sustainable jet fuel and biofuel through the project creates a climate benefit of almost nine million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents in the first ten years.

Photo: Bio Östrand