Customer story

PROSPER project on bio-based plastics

"Spinverse played a key role in ensuring a high overall quality and perfect fit of the project proposal to exactly meet the criteria of this CBE funding call. In addition, our fruitful and successful collaboration resulted in maximum scores of 15/15 in the evaluation process."

Nathan de Geyter, Business Developer End-of-Waste, Ghent University.

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Funding instrument

Circular Bio-based Europe JU (CBE JU)

The PROSPER consortium project aims to promote the recycling and sorting of bio-based plastics as part of the initiatives to boost a circular economy.

Key challenges

Many people consider bio-based plastics as a green alternative to conventional fossil-based plastics. These plastics can offer environmental benefits, such as being made from renewable sources and sometimes being able to break down naturally. They also have a lot of promise for recycling, especially by using chemical methods to break them down into smaller units. However, before bio-based plastics can be recycled, they need to be sorted out and separated from other packaging materials.

How we reached the goals

In addition to funding application preparation, Spinverse helped consortium with the ideation, provided subject matter expertise, identified suitable partners, and implemented effective project management practises, all resulting to the success of the project application. Spinverse also helped to assemble a strong consortium, including the crucial participation of waste management companies.

Key takeaways

The 4-year PROSPER project, standing for "Promoting and Supporting Practices for Eco Recycling," targets the effective sorting and recycling of bio-based plastics to foster a circular economy. The project with 18 partners from 6 countries is coordinated by University of Ghent. PROSPER is the first CBE-funded project coordinated by this prestigious Belgian university.

Impact of the project

Effective sorting and recycling of bio-based plastics to foster circular economy.