Customer story

FinHITS to strengthen Finnish health data ICT for secondary use

"Collaborating with Spinverse proved to be a seamless experience, underscored by their profound expertise in EU funding issues. Their valuable insights and understanding facilitated the refinement of our application. "

Maari Parkkinen, Development Manager, Findata.

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Funding instrument


FinHITS project aims to expand Findata’s digital business capabilities and strengthen the connection with HealthData@EU pilot project. 

Key challenges

Finnish Social and Health Data Permit Authority (Findata) grants permits for the secondary use of social and health care data and improve data protection for individuals. Findata has been operational since the beginning of 2020, but to comply with the upcoming requirements of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) the services of Findata require further development. 

How we reached the goals

Spinverse helped Findata with concepting, proposal writing and budgeting.

Key takeaways

The objectives of FinHITS project are: 

1. Increase the capabilities of its current Data Access Applications Management System. 

2. Further develop the Finnish National Dataset Catalogue to ensure system availability, internationalization and data quality. 

3. Strengthen its current Secure Processing Environment by improving its capabilities and developing tools for anonymization.

4. Create a Cross-Border Gateway to connect with the HealthData@EU infrastructure.

5. Enhance health data quality by developing tools, support, guidelines and ready-made-datasets that will be made available to all data producers and data users. By sharing experiences, Finland will inspire and help other member states to build their systems and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.  

Impact of the project

Strengthening the Finnish data infrastructure to ensure efficient and secure secondary use of health data and enabling Finland to integrate seamlessly into the EHDS.