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Borealis Innovation Challenge

Finding project partners for Borealis on an open innovation project that furthers a circular economy approach for plastics and opens new and sustainable business opportunities.

Potential partners recognized
Organizer Borealis
Topic Finding project partner to an open innovation project that furthers a circular economy approach

Together with Spinverse, Borealis launched an innovation challenge to find project partners for sustainable plastics recycling. The scope of the challenge and partner search was defined based on an open innovation strategy workshop.

Borealis aims to be a leading provider of high-value sustainable/recycled plastics for consumer applications such as packaging. The goal of Borealis is to take an active and leading role in driving the change towards a circular economy for plastics.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse organized first an open innovation strategy workshop with a group of key Borealis experts to discuss the critical development needs and opportunities for plastics recycling to high-value products. This set also the basis to define the type of partners, with whom Borealis could continue strategic collaboration. Spinverse then helped in defining a clear scope for the challenge together with Borealis, opened the call and managed the proposal submission system. Spinverse activated relevant companies and research teams to participate in the partner search and pre-ranked the submissions. Spinverse also organized the Borealis Innovation Day for the pitching final.

Key takeaways

Open innovation workshop gave important understanding on how to make open innovation projects and focused the scope for the Innovation challenge and related projects. Based on the partner search and joint evaluation of an extensive amount of potential partners by Borealis and Spinverse experts, finalists were selected to submit their finalized proposals and pitch their ideas at Borealis Innovation Day. Winners were provided with an opportunity for strategic collaboration with Borealis.


Photo by Borealis


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