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Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2

AllergyVax: Game-changing allergy vaccination that is patient-friendly and cost-efficient. The project includes first-in-human clinical trials of Desentum’s lead product candidate, an immunotherapeutic vaccine for birch pollen allergy.

Desensitization 2.0: Desentum develops a game changer for treating allergies.

Allergy is an enormous problem that is increasing dramatically. The number of allergic people has increased 7-fold in the last 30 years. Worldwide, more than one billion people are affected by allergies, and the number is expected to rise up to four billion within the next 50 years. Desentum's AllergyVAX project is aiming to change this.

The benefit of Desentum’s solution is that desensitization process is significantly quicker and more efficient compared to the traditional desensitization practices, which can take up to five years, require a lot of commitment and are often not carried through.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported Desentum in project preparation, including help in defining the scope, business and commercialization potential as well as assisting in writing the proposal. After a positive decision from EU commission, Spinverse guided Desentum through the complex phase of signing the grant agreement with the European Commission.

From December 2018 onwards Spinverse has been supporting Desentum with project management for the next three years. We are looking forward to seeing Desentum's innovation turning into real business.

Key takeaways

The main objective of the AllergyVAX project is to gain first-in-human clinical data of the birch pollen allergy vaccine. It is an important step towards the clinical Proof-of Concept of Desentum’s platform technology. Desentum’s approach is based on using targeted DNA techniques to modify known allergens into so-called hypoallergens. The hypoallergens are expected to improve the safety of desensitization, which usually takes several years but Desentum aims to reduce the time to 3–6 months without compromising safety and efficacy.

Spinverse helped Desentum to secure 1.9 M€ in the exceptionally tough Horizon 2020 funding application process: Out of 1650 proposals only 4 %, or 66, received the funding.

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