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Tackling critical challenges related to wear, corrosion, friction and fatigue and developing novel breakthrough materials solutions for the demanding applications in e.g. the process, energy and engineering industry.

Million € total volume
research groups
Project duration 5 years (2009-2014)

Driving Innovation in the Finnish Metals and Engineering Industry. We have showed the way with FIMECC DEMAPP for a novel target-oriented industry-academia R&D collaboration (SHOK Programme) running this specific industry-driven PPP actively towards results with high scientific and industrial impact.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse handled the professional holistic management of the program and had a pioneering role in building the new PPP collaboration mode in practice. We were driving the participants towards results: common targets, active communication and dissemination, facilitating new partnerships and rapid implementation of results

Key takeaways

Great results with scientific novelty and high industrial impact achieved (>150 scientific publications, 16 PhD Theses, >30 new products…)

Novel competitive solutions, product differentiation, new competence created – critical assets for the industry

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