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We helped Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, to create cutting-edge research and innovations by coordinating Finnish industry, SMEs and research players with international networks.

Our task was to coordinate six of Tekes’s large-scale R&D&I programs worth over €700 million total volume, and define an application-focused approach and match the needs of development with the technology industry

How we reached the goals

Spinverse helped focus the programs and create visions, strategies and road maps for Finnish technology. We facilitated international cooperation by arranging focused delegation trips with partners in India, Japan, USA, UK and Germany, and activated partners by bringing relevant players together in target-oriented workshops with the goal of enhancing university-company collaboration and application-oriented development.

Key takeaways

Tekes programs have routinely created new scientific advancements, new competences and new bases for economic growth. Innovation gaps in Finnish industry are being identified and filled with international collaboration. New innovations are constantly being created, especially across industries, and relevant business and R&D value chains are continuously being mapped. We helped create wide networks with multi-disciplinary approach, and concrete actions, from research to business. The program extended to a number of projects in different fields: Nanotechnology, Functional materials, Fuel cells, Green mining, Green growth (cleantech) and BEAM - Business with impact

Business Finland's website (known as Tekes until 2018)

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