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Tekes Functional Materials

Sustainable Material Solutions – From Finnish Research to Global Business

Million € total volume
scientific publications
Project duration 6 years, 2007-2013

Goals for the Tekes Functional Materials project were:

  • Application-driven R&D of advanced materials for new business areas
  • Sustainable additive manufacturing technologies with material, energy and cost efficiency
  • Bringing research results towards commercialization
  • Activating SMEs to develop their technologies and global business

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported the activation of partnering, facilitation of international cooperation, vision & strategy work and focusing of the program and boosting professional communication and media visibility.

The program formed a platform for growth in new competence areas in e.g. printed intelligence, biomedical applications, solar energy and energy storage.

Key takeaways

Over a 100 patents, over 200 scientific publications, 90 theses and 14 start-ups. The project also boosted investments to SMEs: over 60 M€ funding from foreign investors was collected during the program.

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