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Tekes Fuel Cell

Putting Finland at the forefront in developing fuel cell technologies and establishing a pilot case in a harbor for testing fuel cells applications.

Million € total volume
Project duration 6 years, 2007-2013

How to facilitate the development of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and create viable new businesses? How can we help identify new players in the industry, form important partnerships and build a broad demonstration project to show how fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructure work in action? Spinverse worked with the most important public Finnish research funding agency Tekes in order to answer these questions.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse facilitated the development of successful fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and services. We identified value chains and business opportunities for companies in different core areas and increased public awareness of the benefits of fuel cell technologies

Key takeaways

Resulting commercial applications include Finland’s first commercial hydrogen refueling station, back-up power sources for telecommunications base stations and portable power sources. Finnish organizations gained access to 17 FCH JU project results worth 61 M€. A broad portfolio of 79 projects and more than 60 companies were involved in the programme

Photo credit: Jorg Angeli

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