Bioeconomy & Renewables

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Tekes Green Growth

Towards a sustainable future - Transitioning to a sustainable economy requires investing in new kinds of business skills and concepts.

Million € total volume
research projects
company projects
Project duration 6 years, 2010-2015

Companies need to grow and renew their businesses through wise and sustainable use of resources.

New business models and service concepts require the emergence of new networks and working methods.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse helped in identifying potential growth areas for the sustainable economy business. We also took care of activation of partnering, facilitation of international cooperation and increasing public awareness of the key thematic fields.

Key takeaways

During the five-year programme, business-driven and research-driven projects produced new, tangible future solutions and innovations in the cleantech sector.

A green growth community of 3 000 professionals was established. Green growth has become Finland’s focus area as a whole.

36 research projects and 140 company projects covering thematic fields of energy and material efficiency, bioeconomy and biomaterials, recycling, recovery of raw materials, waste handling, new business models and innovative service concepts were introduced during the project

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