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Tekes FinNano

Finnish national nanotechnology programme. FinNano programme studied, utilized and commercialized nanoscale
systems and phenomena.

Million € total volume
Project duration 6 years, 2005-2010

Tekes FinNano was founded on the need for multi-disciplinary and
private-public collaboration on nanotechnology.

There were difficulties in commercializing the nanotechnology projects because of the early stage of nanotechnology. Also the scalability of production and persistency of R&D hindered project success.

The goal was to strengthen Finnish nanotechnology research and create common guidelines for the development of nanotechnology and its commercial applications.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse was responsible for overall coordination of the programme. We facilitated vision and strategy work, built multidisciplinary and cross-industrial research collaboration, coordinated the project management and activated international cooperation (with e.g. China, Japan and Russia)

Key takeaways

The number of active companies in the Finnish nanotechnology sector increased during FinNano to 202 (from 61 in 2004).

The programme included over 100 research and industrial technology development projects with a high-level of international cooperation.

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