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Pirjo Pasanen

Principal Consultant, Ph.D.

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+358 50 483 6250

Pirjo Pasanen is working as a Principal Consultant at Spinverse, focusing on building and managing large scale open innovation projects and preparing growth and innovation strategies for companies. She has long experience from industry and academia in R&D, project management and research. Her main expertise is in electronics, novel nanomaterials, medical devices, radio communication systems and finding applications for new nanotechnology breakthroughs. Pirjo has also acted as an expert evaluating proposals and reviewing projects on behalf of European Commission for multiple EU H2020 projects.

Pirjo joined Spinverse in 2011 and soon after that started Spinverse’s EU-project services. She has been the Project Coordinator for IP4Plasma (4,6 M€ and 9 partner project for new manufacturing method for medical diagnostics and devices), did cost modeling for MEMS devices on Prominent project (9,4M € and 10 partners) has helped to build and manage several H2020 and ECSEL projects, such as smart-MEMPHIS (8,2 M€ project for energy harvesting devices for leadless pacemakers),  EuroPAT-MASiP (28 partner and 29 M€ project for new semiconductor packaging solutions), APPLAUSE (32 partner and 37 M€ project on new packaging solutions for optical components), among others. Altogether, Pirjo has helped customers to get over 110 M€ funding. She has also done multiple research commercialisation projects on various topics ranging from lasers to new nanomaterials.


Before Spinverse, she was working for Nokia Research Center (2000-2011), doing research on nanotechnology, designing new 4G radio communication systems and performing reliability assurance and statistical analysis for mobile phone production.


Pirjo holds a PhD in Theoretical physics from Helsinki University. She has over 20 scientific publications on nanotechnology, radio communication systems, information theory and mathematical physics, several other technical articles including two book chapters, and over 20 patents.

In her spare time,  Pirjo enjoys reading, gardening, hiking and cycling.

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