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Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2

Changing the way we design electronics – Spinverse helps secure SME Instrument funding to scale-up the paradigm-shifting electronics manufacturing.

Current technologies for manufacturing electronics limit design freedom – a printed circuit board (PCB) always needs a plastic package. Size and shape are constrained by the rigid PCB.

TactoTek produces 3D injection molded electronics (IMSE), in which all the functionality is seamlessly integrated inside rigid or flexible plastics.

How reached the goals

Spinverse provided support in project preparation, including help in defining the scope, matching the call and formulating the proposal. We supported in the budget and work plan preparation and assisted in the Grant Agreement preparation.

Key takeaways

This project provides TactoTek the capacity to meet the increasing demand of lightweight and highly aesthetic electronics for its customers in the European Automotive industry.

Photo credit: TactoTek

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