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Novel neurosurgical implant for Parkinson’s Disease

The project is set to create a miniaturised neurosurgical implant which will lead to a proof of concept of a new treatment paradigm for Parkinson's Disease.

Million €
Name Project STARDUST
Duration 4 years, Oct 2017-Oct 2021
Funding instrument Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies

The prestigious EU FET-open project “STARDUST” aims to realize an ultra-low power wirelessly powered implantable electronic device for optogenetics with the possibility of local drug-delivery for Parkinson’s patients.

Project STARDUST’s long-term vision is monitoring and treatment of Parkinsons’ Disease (PD) using novel fully-integrated, wireless, implantable ultrasonically-powered devices. The project is set to create a miniaturised neurosurgical implant which will lead to a proof of concept of a new treatment paradigm for PD.

How we reached the goals

The project aims to have massive effects on the treatment of such diseases as PD, cancer and a wide variety of others. The data provided will be available for further development by industry and academia after the completion of the project.

Spinverse carried out the quality check, which won the 3.8 M€ funding for the project. We had also the responsibility to lead the Dissemination and Exploitation work package included. This will strengthen exchange of information and knowledge of the obtained results. We contributed also by securing the interest from key commercial stakeholders.

Key takeaways

The project could have a massive impact on how we treat a wide variety of disorders. With the funding secured by Spinverse, the research project will provide valuable data for the benefit of all mankind.


Read more about the project:
LED brain implants to fight Parkinson’s disease

Photo credit: Hal Gatewood

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