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Reinventing the microphone

A Norwegian deep-tech start-up sensiBel is developing a proven and patented microphone technology based on optical MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) that can register sound waves far beyond the range of existing microphones. This unique combination of high performance at lowest cost in a miniature package fits in a whole new range of portable devices, e.g. voice activated devices, sound recognition systems and high-quality audio recordings.

Million €
Funding instrument EIC Accelerator
Project duration 2 years, May 2020 – April 2022

"Spinverse was very open with their communication and the collaboration worked really well, guiding us towards our goal in this competitive EIC Accelerator call. The expertise of Spinverse team built a relationship of mutual trust, which I see as a very important success factor,” says Stig Torud, VP Business Development, sensiBel.

Key challenges

People are recording their lives with smartphone cameras as good as the human eye. Yet, audio recordings suffer from poor quality. ​Due to poor audio quality, people struggle to use increasingly common voice-activated user interfaces, especially in noisy environments and at a distance.  The current technologies cannot satisfy the market needs – with them the path to higher performance is complex and costly.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported sensiBel with the writing and application process management of the winning proposal and coached the team for the pitch presentation.

Key takeaways

sensiBel aims to finalise the miniaturization and integration of optical MEMS microphone and scale up manufacturing and prepare for the launch of the new microphone to the market. The project’s goal is to grab the 3B€ of market opportunity of the voice megatrend.

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