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Spinverse Smart Cities podcast series

Welcome to listen to Spinverse Smart City podcast series! In our podcasts, we will discuss with various smart city makers about future solutions and aim to discover how new technologies and innovations can make cities more sustainable, more efficient and accessible to citizens. Your host is Veera Mustonen from Spinverse. Enjoy!

Episode 1 (Dec 2021):
Learnings from LuxTurrim5G ecosystem project for smart cities

An ambitious Smart City testbed has been built in Espoo around Nokia campus in Finland. With superfast 5G connectivity and an extensive sensor network, it enables a variety of digital services. How does it turn cities smart and sustainable? Hear about the learnings from the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem project with Juha Salmelin from Nokia and Markku Heino from Spinverse.

Episode 2 (Jan 2022):
Next big things in smart cities?

Program Director Seppo Haataja from Smart Tampere and Dr. Ralf-Martin Soe, Founding Director of from FinEst Centre for Smart Cities in Tallinn shed light into the activities in both cities to make them smarter, more digital and more carbon neutral for the benefit of the citizens. They also tell how the pandemic has boosted the development activities around smart cities regarding digital health solutions and better indoor air quality, for example.

Episode 3 (Feb 2022):
Drones to look up in smart cities

What are the most promising use cases that drones will enable in smart cities by 2025? Timo Lind, Principal Scientist of Drone systems from VTT and our Vice President for Digital Industries Patrick Halford discuss the various possibilities of drones now and in the future.

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Topics in our podcast series:

What happens inside and between smart buildings in sustainable smart cities?

What does city know about citizens? Will data platforms enable citizens to have ownership of their data as MyData?​

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