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Mirka brings traditional surface finishing business to the digital age

The digitalization project consisting of about 20 partners focuses on bringing the whole value chain of traditional surface finishing to the digital age, thus helping to expand to new markets and to help clients in productivity, safety and sustainability.

Million €
Funding instrument BF BEAM Program
Project duration 3 years, 2018 - 2021
Partners Over 20 SMEs

"This strategic project is of high importance for us of course, but it has also a greater purpose than us: We want to act as a forerunner in lifting the whole surface finishing industry to a new level and to be able to offer even better service for our clients. At the same time, together with other Finnish businesses, we can export this expertise to the world,” says Mats Sundell, Development Director and Deputy CEO at Mirka.

The project brings together companies from several fields such as software development, IoT, robotics, automation, smart materials, service design and business development. The cooperation aims to discover how to implement smart features into surface finishing equipment in practice, and what new business opportunities digitalization can offer to Mirka and its partners. In addition, the project will benefit Mirka’s customers in enhancing the productivity, safety and sustainability of their businesses. The new solutions also enable expansion into emerging markets as part of Business Finland’s BEAM program (Business with Impact).

Key challenges

Before, there were no direct links to the end-users in the value chain. The data produced by the new smart equipment creates a feedback loop, increases customer understanding and helps the client productivity.

Workshop conditions can be quite rough in developing countries in e.g. sub-Saharan Africa. Mirka produces ergonomic and dust-free products that could alleviate the situation significantly; however, entering new markets can be laborious. With the help of digital training in surface finishing equipment usage, Mirka can introduce a completely new level of safe and high quality tools in selected African countries, while improving the productivity of customers and the quality of life for local people.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse helped Mirka in building this multisectoral ambitious co-creation project and preparing the funding application. Spinverse is now coordinating this growing innovation ecosystem.

Key takeaways

The project aims to embed digitalization to all levels of Mirka’s operations which enables significantly improved productivity and two-way communication between manufacturer and end-users. The project is paving the way for safer, productive and sustainable business for Mirka and its partners and customers, with focus on new potential in the developing markets.

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