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Companies in the forest industry (including pulp & paper) are facing a dramatic upheaval. The demand for traditional paper – for example, for newspapers or office use – is declining about five percent annually worldwide, while the demand for fiber products continues to grow.

Siemens wanted to address the problem by methods and process innovations by which new materials could be produced from fibers, and new business models. Digitalisation is changing the way the forest industry functions, yet enormous untapped potential remains. The key enabler for harnessing the benefits of digitalization is a lifecycle plant management from engineering to operations.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse got to assist in building the plan for the ecosystem. We searched and recruited partners to join and operate as one organizer of the ecosystem, handling also communications with the partners.

Key takeaways

Building a cross-industrial innovation ecosystem to develop and commercialize new ideas, products and services. Enabling fast piloting of digital and fiber process solutions and products. Creating standards for next level of productivity improvements in pulp & paper and new fiber industry.

Co-evolving ecosystem of technology companies, solution providers, engineering companies, OEMS and end customers in the forest, pulp & paper and new fiber industry. New digital business from data and wood fiber process innovations. Integration of automation and information technologies across the value chain.

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