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Horizon 2020 Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar

Established start-ups and prospective tech entrepreneurs need a network to connect in order to achieve market success

The Access2Europe project aims to help startups to scale by leveraging the access to European markets offered by four major startup hubs

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported in project planning and proposal writing. We evaluated the proposal's quality before submission and provided help in the grant negotiations.

Key takeaways

Ability to cut through the maze of information available online and bring the right people together in order to multiply the chances of the European startups to scale and grow turnover and retain qualified employees.

The aim is to strengthen company growth within the EU (thus avoiding quick exits or move across the ocean) and to cross-pollinate the involved European startup ecosystems turning them into hubs of a diffused European start-up ecosystem.

Project will support startups by engaging them in targeted market access programmes. The programmes will range from 3 month long full immersion into another ecosystem to a 3-day market discovery, to a quick 1- hour update on latest work legislation.

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