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Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology

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Finland and Russia have strong complementing areas of expertise and overlapping technological development but cooperation is minimal due to differences in business culture, language barrier and prejudices.

Under the Finland's cooperation with its neighbouring areas programme, Spinverse was chosen to facilitate cooperation in the field of nanotechnology and advanced materials

How we reached the goals

Spinverse evaluated technology readiness, application areas, potential markets of technologies and business ideas. We provided services such as partner searching for boosting cross-border co-operation and facilitated networking between innovative companies, universities and financing parties active in the technology area.

Key takeaways

New collaboration between Finnish and Russian Universities, RTOs and companies resulting in cooperation agreements and joint development projects, a built consortium of 13 Finnish and Russian Universities and RTOs active in nanotechnology and advanced materials. During the program over 100 technologies and business ideas related to nanotechnology or advanced materials were evaluated

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