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New approaches for Personalized Diagnostics and Care from GET IT DONE (GID) programme

GET IT DONE creates new technologies and practices for healthcare professionals to provide more effective services for health and well-being.
ICT-based solutions promote the utilization of clinical data, such as genetic information, for effective disease prevention and treatment.

How we reached the goals

Personalized medicine has not advanced as fast as some experts have expected. Reimbursement, huge amount of raw data, patient privacy and security as well as regulatory issues must be considered. Personalized medicine is a broad and complex field and in order to succeed, healthcare stakeholders need to collaborate both with public and private sectors.

We stepped in the role of program coordination, managing the project and enhancing cooperation on all levels. Our task is to develop follow-up procedures for the innovations (IPR, commercial) created in the project with the program partners.

Key takeaways

The program focuses on the efficient utilization of personal health records, patient records and genomic information including new technologies in point-of-care testing. Overall goal is to enhance the use of personalized diagnostics and care as well as reduce the cost of health care and increase drug safety by reducing adverse events and reduction in trial-and-error.

Salwe, Get It Done

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