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Plasma IP fighting diseases

In the IP4Plasma project, atmospheric pressure plasma equipment manufacturers and end-users will work with leading experts in research and technology innovation to overcome the barriers to commercial application of a unique intellectual property right (IPR) portfolio.

Million € budget
Funding instrument European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme
Project duration 3 yrs, Jan 2014 - Jan 2017

By helping to build and fund a consortium of companies and RTOs, we’re enabling industrial innovations based on EU IP assets in plasma technology in the IP4Plasma project.

The project aims to fight the second biggest killer among infectious diseases by producing a highly sensitive tuberculosis test to allow diagnosis within minutes at costs as low as €1 per test, all the while overcoming barriers to commercial application of a unique IPR portfolio of plasma technology

How we reached the goals

Spinverse coordinated the project and its FP7 funding proposal. We helped develop commercialisation of the technology by defining and analysing its markets, competition, customer needs and the state of IPR in its field

Key takeaways

The project aimed to bring together different IPR protected atmospheric pressure plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition technologies by demonstrating their applications in the field of medical products and diagnostics.

The goal was to establish a mobile pilot scale plasma treatment system.

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