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Clean Energy from Ocean Waves

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Horizon 2020 Call for competitive low-carbon energy

Large scale pilot project to demonstrate clean energy from ocean waves – integrating research and product innovations with business and partners along the value chain

Current clean energy wave solutions have a high cost and short life-span. To date only feasibility of power generation with single device deployments and MW-scale performance has been demonstrated. The CEFOQ project's aim is to be the first project to grid connect an array of wave devices in the UK and to create an efficient supply chain to support larger wave power projects in the future.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse coached to understand the requirements and processes of Horizon 2020 funding and helped the project partners prepare the project plan. The only ocean energy project that got financed from all ocean energy project submissions with a 17 M€ funding.

Key takeaways

The project aims to improve the amount and reliability of wave energy that can be converted to electricity using a type of converter called a "Penguin". By testing several of these multi-devices together in rough sea conditions at European Marine Energy Centre (UK), the aim is to reduce the levelised cost of the of ocean energy by 30%.

In addition, CEFOW will study the feasibility of on-board and on-shore storage solutions and conduct thorough multi-year environmental, health and safety studies, to demonstrate that they are able to survive challenging sea conditions over a period of several years.

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