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Pan-European consortium brings supercomputer service to Finland

As a result of a successful and highly competitive bid by the LUMI (Large Modified Modern Infrastructure) consortium of 8 European countries and EU, CSC datacenter in Kajaani, Finland, will host a pan-European high-performance supercomputer. The machine will be about ten times more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer currently in Europe.

Million €
Funding instrument EuroHPC JU
Project duration 7 years, Jul 2019 – Q4 2026

"CSC was able to raise over 200 M€ funding from 8 countries and the EU for installation of a pan-European leadership-class supercomputer service in our datacenter in Kajaani. The timeline for submitting the tenders was extremely tight, and Spinverse brought us invaluable support with their knowledge of EU and national funding instruments, as well as by supporting in the management of this complex and turbulent project, playing a major role in the success of our bid," says Dr. Pekka Manninen, Program Director from CSC.

Key challenges

The state-of-the-art computing resources will lay grounds to carry out research in areas which have previously been out of reach, increasing the possibilities for scientific breakthroughs with immense societal impact, such as understanding climate change.

The new data management and high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure will lay grounds for innovation and new data-based business opportunities in areas such as platform economy and the development of artificial intelligence.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported the consortium members in the complex bidding process for the EuroHPC JU funding and project management.

Key takeaways

The consortium consisting of Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland offers a high-quality, cost efficient and environmentally sustainable HPC ecosystem. The highly competitive HPC resources can be used by Europe’s scientific, industrial and public users and it offers a framework for Europe to strengthen its position as one of the pioneers of the data-driven economy. The experts from the consortium bring with them a high level of competence from computing, training and data management.

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One of the most competitive supercomputers in the world to be placed in Kajaani, Finland


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