Customer story

Net carbon negative solutions to support green transition of manufacturing industries

"The wide experience and professional expertise of the Spinverse team has been elemental in building the ambitious SHAPE ecosystem plan. We look forward to taking the next step in our long-term partnership and make it happen in practice."

Mats Sundell, R&D Director, Mirka.

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Funding instrument

Business Finland Veturi Challenge

The aim of the SHAPE project is to create a cross-industrial ecosystem to develop solutions for the remanufacturing and construction industries, contributing to a net carbon negative impact.

Key challenges

Rapid economic growth, urbanization and excessive material usage pose a significant threat of an increasing manufacturing footprint. 

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported Mirka in their successful project proposal process and will now be building and facilitating the SHAPE ecosystem together with Mirka.

Key takeaways

The Mirka SHAPE project will concentrate on four areas:

  • Sustainable material solutions in production: Usage of recyclable and bio-based raw materials, e.g. wood-based replacements for plastic
  • Repair, reuse and remanufacturing solutions: Extending product lifetime, e.g. through innovative surface finishing solutions
  • Boosting circularity: Finding new ways to utilize side products of manufacturing processes, e.g. utilizing waste that is created from surface finishing
  • Intelligence throughout value chains: Developing measurement and analytic solutions for product lifecycle management.

Impact of the project

In the future, Mirka’s surface finishing solutions and the SHAPE ecosystem together aim to decrease the carbon footprint of the European industry by 100 Mt, creating export opportunities worth several billions for the Finnish industry. In total, the investment of Mirka, Business Finland and the Finnish industry in developing net carbon negative solutions will be around 200 M€ during the next five years.

Further, the project creates an excellent opportunity for the whole ecosystem to develop new innovative remanufacturing solutions, create new jobs and strengthen the competitiveness of the Finnish industry in the coming years.