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Swedish ManoMotion succeeded in receiving extremely competed Horizon 2020 funding in the first try with Spinverse’s support. Their patented software solution for hand tracking and gesture recognition opens up massive expansion possibilities for the global mobile AR market.

Million €
Funding instrument SME Instrument Phase 2

“Without the knowledge transfer from the Spinverse team I'm doubtful if we would have received the funding. Spinverse was a great partner who helped us structure the process and the content in a way which gave us top scores in almost every category that the commission is evaluating,” says Jakob Broman, Head of Growth at ManoMotion.

Key challenges

Within mobile AR it has been an unsolved problem to create a real time understanding of how the hand moves by using only the already installed RGB camera and the processing power available in a mobile phone.

ManoMotion framework for hand tracking and gesture recognition solves this issue and enables end users to interact with digital objects in any AR or VR experience, on any device with their natural hands without requiring additional hardware.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse helped ManoMotion to navigate through the entire application process, from creating a convincing business story around the facts in the initial written application as well as preparing ManoMotion for the live interviews in the second round

Key takeaways

ManoMotion’s solution provides a platform for gesture analysis to all units equipped with a normal camera, while at the same time using minimal computing power and battery consumption on the device. ManoMotion will be a prime mover in a massive market: The mobile AR videogame market is expected to generate 11,6 billion dollars by 2025, followed by health sector (5,1 billion) and engineering (4,7 billion).


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2 million euros of EU funding to ManoMotion’s groundbreaking mobile AR technology


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