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"Spinverse gave us a very clear picture from the very beginning of how hard it is to succeed in getting EU funding. Spinverse described very openly what kind of projects will not succeed and also what kind of projects may succeed."

Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO, SSH Communication Security.

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Million €



Funding instrument

SME Instrument Phase 2

PrivX is a new generation solution from SSH Communications Security that will bring Privileged Access Management (PAM) to the cloud era through the EPICA project. With the support from Spinverse at the bidding and project management phase, EPICA project will allow SHH to complete the development of the PrivX product family.

Key challenges

PrivX removes a key bottleneck from cloud adoption by providing credential-less, rolebased, on-demand access to cloud and hybrid resources. PrivX enables companies to accelerate their cloud transformation they must undertake to take advantage of new growth opportunities and to remain competitive in the new digital economy.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported SSH in proposal preparation and consulted on EU project management. Support will also be provided on the subsequent reporting back to EU.

Key takeaways

SSH will build necessary interfaces and engagements to create a vibrant ecosystem around the product and take PrivX cloud solution to the markets at the end of the 2-year project.

See what Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO of SSH, says about working with Spinverse:

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Spinverse helps to secure EU funding for global cybersecurity solutions

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