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Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, one of the leading bio energy companies in China, is planning a biofuel refinery investment project, an investment of one billion euros to Finland.

Kaidi Finland plans to build a globally unique second generation biomass plant in Kemi. Kaidi’s sustainable technology makes it possible to produce biofuels by using wood as the main feedstock. In addition to local wood, Kaidi’s plant will also utilize sawmill by-products and even leftover bark from the forest industry. It will be the first of its kind in the world.

How we reached the goals

New pilot projects are needed for the development of renewable energy technologies. European Union is striving to achieve ambitious energy and climate targets by 2030, including 6,8% mandate for advanced biofuels and biogas in the transport sector.

Spinverse assists Kaidi in financial, permitting, feedstock and other strategic arrangements enabling a successful entrance to the European markets. Pekka Koponen, Founder and CEO of Spinverse Group, acts as an advisor to Kaidi Finland.

Key takeaways

The technology used in the biorefinery is globally unique and the planned facility will prove that high-quality biodiesel can be produced from woody biomass. The plant produces >200,000 metric tons of biofuels per year and it's output will be 75% biodiesel and 25% biogasoline.

The new second generation biofuel refinery is planned to be built in Ajos, Kemi. This the largest single investment (900 M€) to Finland from a foreign company in history. Assuming all goes according to plan, the plant will be operational by the end of 2019.

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