Customer story

IMOCO4.E develops edge-to-cloud intelligence for robots and cyber-physical systems

"With Spinverse taking care of the daily administration of this large consortium, I can focus on coaching the partners to achieve tangible results via the building blocks and their integration as part of pilots!"

Arend-Jan Beltman, Project Coordinator, Sioux Technologies.

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Funding instrument

ECSEL JU & EU Horizon 2020

Intelligent Motion Control under Industry 4.E (IMOCO4.E) project consortium will help shape the future of Industry 4.0 manufacturing in Europe, aiming to perceive and control complex machines and projects.

Key challenges

Mechatronic systems in the manufacturing industry face ever-increasing requirements on long-term energy efficiency, size, motion speed, precision, adaptability, self-diagnostics, secure connectivity or new human-cognitive features.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse experts carry out coordinating and administrative project tasks to enable the partners to focus on the technical goals. 

Key takeaways

The IMOCO4.E project aims to push mechatronic systems to their limits, make them smarter and more configurable. This will be achieved by combining and exploiting novel sensory information, model-based approaches, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Industrial Internet-of-Things philosophies. The IMOCO4.E project will provide vertically distributed edge-to-cloud intelligence for machines, robots, and other human-in-the-loop automation systems. The project outputs aim to make an impact to the entire value chain of the production automation and application markets.