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How Tampere University revolutionised their process of finding the suitable funding opportunities for future projects

"We definitely recommend Spinbase! It is a fast and easy-to-use tool to scout for suitable funding opportunities — or even partners. It provides very accurate search results based on individual needs."

Tuukka Pöyry, Manager, Research and Innovation services, Tampere University.

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Spinbase is a tool developed by Spinverse to ease the complex task of finding the most suitable EU funding instrument for various R&D projects and at the same time, for identifying the relevant partners. Since early 2019, the research support services at Tampere University have successfully been using Spinbase for screening funding opportunities for their research projects.

Benefits of Spinbase for Tampere University 

The search engine used by Spinbase is based on AI and is very intuitive so starting to use the tools requires no prior knowledge or understanding of the EU funding hierarchies for TUNI users.

Wider database in Spinbase lead to search results that the users were not aware of

Jörg Langwaldt works in the Research and Innovation Services unit at Tampere University. As Grant Writer, he supports researchers in finding suitable funding opportunities. He has used Spinbase mostly to search for funding and projects and his experiences have been very positive. Hplans to test the capabilities of the tool to find partners as well. Using Spinbase has helped him to find some calls that he or the researchers have not even been aware of.  See what he has to say

Grant Writer Maria Salonen has found Spinbase search tool much faster than some other funding databases and feels that the tool offers more freedom in the search.  

Much faster and more freedom in searching for funding compared to other traditional portals

Tuukka PöyryManager in the Research and Innovation services, gives Spinbase his thumbs-up: “We definitely recommend  Spinbase! It is a fast and easy-to-use tool to scout for suitable funding opportunities — or even partners. It provides very accurate search results based on individual needs.”      

The Spinbase users in Tampere University are in full agreement on the fact that using regular search engines to find EU funding or project partners does not yield such comprehensive and easy-to-read search results as SpinbaseAccording to them, in Spinbase, knowledge on hierarchy is not required for making successful searches and the access is more user friendly than in other portals used to search funding. 

Spinbase is capable of providing power point extracts from the search results, which according to Jörg Langwalt, is perceived more professional than previous methods. This also translates into time savings in the elaborate process of funding applications.  

Take your innovations to the next level! 

Are you looking for a funding instrument for your ideas? Is it difficult to find the best matching topics? Or maybe you are looking for a motivated and experienced partner for your innovations? With Spinbase we made the whole thing easier for you! Register to Spinbase now and try it for free! 

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