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Gasum Innovation Challenge

Funding external partners and ideas for “use of more natural gas in traffic” – Scouting for new businesses and technologies in the field of natural gas

k€ in prizes
Organizer Gasum
Topic Promoting and Finding Technology Solutions to Use More Natural Gas

In 2015, Gasum wanted to find new partners with innovative ideas and solutions for better utilization of natural gases. In the center of the competition were specifically solutions, which enhance the usability of natural gas in traffic. A whopping 130 ideas were received from a bunch of great teams, of which ten were selected to take part.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse was chosen as partner to take care of one-day-workshops and coach the ten finalists in conveying a credible presentation of their ideas and charm the jury.

Key takeaways

After two rounds of finals, a renowned jury of ten people selected the top two. The winner of the competition was a Finnish bio gas and bio diesel manufacturing plant producer BioGTS, who received a prize of 75 000 € with their Bioboksi-solution. The second place award and 25 000 € went to ProGas.

All in all, the competition brought many new partnership and business opportunities to Gasum, who wishes to continue collaboration with the awardees after the competition. Spinverse’s help improved the pitches of the finalist start-ups by a mile, fitting better the expectations of potential investors.

Photo credit: Gasum

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