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Building and implement a program that answers to major global challenges and end-user needs in steel applications

Million € total volume
Project duration 3.5 years, 2014-2017

DIMECC BSA (Breakthrough Steels and Applications) helps secure the leading position of the Finnish metals and engineering industry by taking metals research and design to a new level

DIMECC’s RDI-project titled BSA (Breakthrough steels and applications) aimed at removing barriers to application of latest steel developments, developing economically and environmentally better steels and cast materials, and creating new solutions for emerging application areas.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse was facilitating the definition of program targets and content; building the structure and consortium. We were building and running the unique industry-driven Dimecc Breakthrough Materials Doctoral School (38 interlinked PhD projects). We were responsible of the management of the extensive project portfolio and enhancement of cooperation on all levels as well as arranging active events, facilitating information/technology transfer and external communications

Key takeaways

The program renewed the successful Finnish metals and engineering industry based on innovative and sustainable solutions.

The digitalization of manufacturing and material development will decrease the time-to-market remarkably, and the established extensive international steel competence network enables new business opportunities in new areas.

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Final report

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