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Fingrid Innovation Challenge

Finding new partners and out of the box project ideas that that can be implemented within five years to further develop Fingrid’s transmission grid maintenance.

winning proposals
Organizer Fingrid
Topic Promoting and Finding New Partners for Transmission Grid Maintenance

Together with Spinverse, Fingrid launched a matchmaking programme for companies looking for partnerships and new growth in the area of transmission grid maintenance.

Fingrid is always looking to make new innovations to improve the reliability and safety of its electrical network. In this case Fingrid wanted ideas regarding power grid maintenance to find partners with whom the collaboration could flourish also in the future.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse took care of the project management and communication with partners throughout the project. We planned and ran workshops, opened the call and activated partners to join. A part of our task was also coaching selected candidates to further develop their ideas.

Key takeaways

In total, 36 applications were submitted, evaluated and ranked according to previously set criteria. A jury of Fingrid experts then chose four winners to co-develop the ideas further. The selected winners were Empower with their VR solution, Noiseless Acoustics with an acoustic camera to detect out-of-the-ordinary sounds, Scoopshot with a crowdsourcing solution for malfunction detection and Vaisala with a completely new measuring technology to detect failures early. Fingrid supplies the winners with 10-30 k€ funding for the piloting.

Photo credit: Fingrid

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