Customer story

Competitive Edge provides low latency services and increases capacity in a sustainable way

"The collaboration with Spinverse has been easy. The close collaboration from past has helped us to work together in a committed and focused manner. Spinverse has helped especially in providing the external view for Nokia with their understanding and insights on the Finnish and European innovation funding."

Jarkko Pellikka, Programme Director, Nokia.

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Funding instrument

Business Finland Veturi Challenge

As modern networks continue to evolve towards 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), there is an essential need to manage very rapidly increasing data transfer and network capacity requirements to provide low latency services and increase capacity in a sustainable way.

Key challenges

Together with a large number of ecosystem partners, Nokia will create a significant impact on R&D investments in Finland during the coming years. It will strongly support the governmental target to increase R&D expenses to four percent of GDP.  Finland has strong expertise in many fields of ICT, sustainability, energy efficiency and digital solutions and Nokia has a strong ambition to create a strong ecosystem in Finland on edge capabilities enabling strong global growth for companies and increasing investments in Finland. 

How we reached the goals

Spinverse experts supported the Nokia project team during the application phase for the highly competitive Business Finland challenge for leading companies.

Key takeaways

The mission of Nokia’s Veturi programme for leading companies is built on the following three pillars:

  • Sustainability and competitiveness: sustainable, efficient, and secure digital infrastructure
  • Network scalability and operability: distributed, automated, cloud-native and secured networks for latency sensitive applications
  • Solution focus and ecosystem initiatives: Co-innovation and co-development among CSPs, webscalers and network technology companies

Impact of the project

Edge computing and edge intelligence are considered an essential elements in sustainable 5G networks. Programme-related projects will include ecosystem projects with over 100 partners leading to estimated ecosystem R&D investment increase of over 300 M€ during the programme