Customer story

CIRCULAR BIOCARBON project turns complex urban waste streams into value-added products

"Spinverse greatly contributed to the configuration of an excellent consortium, providing their expertise and advice in order to get a final industry-oriented team, which succeeded in the achievement of a funded BBI flagship project."

Yolanda Ballesteros, Project Manager, Socamex.

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Funding instrument

Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint Undertaking grant

In the project, the CIRCULAR BIOCARBON consortium will, led by Urbaser and its subsidiary Socamex, build Europe’s first circular biocarbon refinery for the valorisation of urban solid waste and sewage sludge in Spain.

Key challenges

Despite the recycling of waste has improved a lot in the past decades, municipal solid waste still contains a large part of organic fraction that is not used efficiently but rather incinerated with the MSW or sent to landfills. Through the concept of a biorefinery, organic fraction can be managed more efficiently in terms of circular economy. 

How we reached the goals

Spinverse funding experts supported the CIRCULAR BIOCAROBN project in building the consortium and the successful funding proposal in the highly competitive BBI JU call. The funding of 15 M€ enables the consortium to build and operate this biorefinery project which is first of its kind in Europe on an industrial scale

Key takeaways

The CIRCULAR BIOCARBON project will be the first and only project that seeks to open the way for new business and entrepreneurial frameworks, based on an innovative circular vision of municipal solid waste and sludge treatment in wastewater treatment plants.