Customer story

Energy ECS provides smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility

"Spinverse team has done a marvellous job guiding the partners through the proposal building phase and towards the successful funding of the Energy ECS project. Their structured approach to managing complexity and support with daily administration of the Project Coordination Office are highly appreciated."

Ksenia Avetisova, Strategic Development Lead at TietoEVRY.

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Funding instrument

ECSEL JU & EU Horizon 2020

Energy ECS “Smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility” will focus on the interface of energy and mobility as well as related ICT and electronics to accelerate advancement of e-mobility in the green energy transition

Key challenges

The advancement of e-mobility is a key part of the green energy transition. Together with its direct role in reducing emissions, the adoption of e-mobility also has a crucial indirect role as a grid stability element. E-mobility accelerates the transition to wind and solar energy production, and thus reduces the use of fossil fuels in the energy mix.  

How we reached the goals

Spinverse coordinated the proposal preparation and consortium building and was selected by the partners to support in project management, administration, and communications as the project progresses.

Key takeaways

The project aims to enable European know-how and business based on manufacturing capabilities combining hardware, software services and data. This combination enables interaction with other vehicles and smart mobility infrastructure: connection to the grid, intermodal transport, autonomous driving, data generation, and vehicles as service providers. This project is also working to mitigate the challenges that electric vehicles pose on the energy system. ​