Customer story

An industrial-size biomass processing plant

"The decision on the equity granted by the European Innovation Council is very important to us and it helps us get other investors involved in financing the project. Spinverse helped us a lot during the application process. Their guidance and support were really needed — thank you Spinverse. "

Petri Tolonen, CEO, CH-Bioforce.

Customer story in numbers



Funding instrument

European Innovation Council Accelerator (EICA)

CH-Bioforce is a Finnish start-up with world’s only technology to gently extract all the main components of biomass, cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in one process. These pure biomaterials provide new sustainable feedstock alternatives for example chemical, textile and packaging applications. The EIC Accelerator funding will help CH-Bioforce build a unique biomass processing plant of industrial size in Raisio, Finland.

Key challenges

As opposed to the 50% or even less of biomass usage in traditional cellulose plants, the CH-Bioforce technology can fractionate 95% of the biomass components. CH-Bioforce’s technology can utilise almost any biomass, which means that it is not tied to any particular biomass type. For example, agricultural straw could be fractionated with CH-Bioforce’s solution to dissolve cellulose, polymeric hemicellulose and sulphur-free lignin. 

How we reached the goals

CH-Bioforce secured their success in the EICA application process with support from Spinverse funding experts. Public funding experts at Spinverse supported the company in the project proposal process with quality checks and pitching coaching. 

Key takeaways

CH-Bioforce is now looking into scaling up their operations with the newly granted funding to build an industrial-sized biorefinery plant. It is planned to be up and running by 2024 and it will be the only actor in Finland to be able to produce polymeric hemicellulose at this scale.