Customer story

AI-driven technology to protect crops and comply with food safety

"The funding experts at Spinverse were most helpful, responsive, and professional. They provided us with very valuable insights into many aspects in the project preparation phase and also gave us useful tips during the proposal writing process. We were very happy with our collaboration."

Mate Knezovic, CTO, AGRIVI.

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Funding instrument

European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator

AGRIVI is an AgriTech company from Croatia, whose approach to solving the global food problem is through the digitalization of agriculture.

Key challenges

Complying to one of the major goals of the European Union’s Green Deal to reduce the usage of pesticides by 50% by 2030 presents significant challenges to farms. Whilst adhering to the tightening regulations, the farmers need to make sure that the reduced protection of their crops does not impact their yields and profitability. AGRIVI will bring an AI-driven agronomic adviser to the market by 2024.

How we reached the goals

To increase the chances of success of their important project, AGRIVI decided to get support for the proposal application process from Spinverse, who they knew has the required expertise on preparing successful grant proposals. Spinverse funding experts were supporting AGRIVI in the complex application process from start to finish — with the desired outcome.

Key takeaways

The digital tool will always be present to communicate with the farmer as a virtual assistant in an easy-to-use form of chatbot. The tool will guide farmers in making three important decisions. Firstly, the adviser will help detect the need for crop protection by identifying actual risks of pests and diseases on their crops and secondly, recommend how to protect crops by suggesting products which secure compliance with EU and national regulations. Further, the tool recommends when it is safe to harvest crops by analyzing crop protection waiting period and pesticide residue levels.

Impact of the project

The project aims for remarkable technological and economic impacts, not only by developing cutting-edge solutions for the end users, but also for the project partners and society at large. By 2030, the new technologies developed in AGRARSENSE are expected to generate 250 M€ new turnover for the participating companies. In addition, the project aims to develop 49 new products, 80 new partnerships, hundreds of new jobs, and additional investments.