Customer story

AGRARSENSE to increase productivity in agriculture and forestry

"Spinverse impressed us with their commitment to the project and the professional way of driving it - these were vital factors in the successful outcome so far. They also went out of their way to find feasible solutions to meet the needs of the big consortium being built during the grant application process."

Peter Assarsson, GM R&D Research, Komatsu Forest AB.

Customer story in numbers


MILLION € (total budget)





Funding instrument


The AGRARSENSE consortium will develop European state-of-the-art technologies in electronic components and systems for future needs, building European resilience in critical sectors and strongly contribute to sustainability targets and climate change mitigation.

Key challenges

Europe needs transparent and improved productivity of agriculture and forestry and easy access to state-of-the-art technological innovation and automation. More sustainable use of fertilizers and irrigation are key to saving the climate. Hence, European resilience calls for efficient technological solutions ranging from hardware to holistic data management. AGRARSENSE is set to tackle this challenge.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse experts supported Komatsu Forest in their successful funding application process, where they built the project proposal for the KDT JU instrument and helped in putting together the consortium. Spinverse will continue to work within the consortium by providing project coordination services to AGRARSENSE.

Key takeaways

The project has its focus on food security and improved productivity of agriculture and forestry.

Impact of the project

More sustainable use of fertilizers and irrigation will contribute to the mitigation of climate change. By 2030, the new technologies developed in AGRARSENSE are expected to generate 250 M€ new turnover for the participating companies. In addition, the project aims to develop 49 new products, 80 new partnerships, hundreds of new jobs, and additional investments

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