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What are the aspects to consider when planning a close-to-market innovation project? Listen our Project Director Joni Turunen on how to make it happen!

We have helped several industry pioneers explore innovation opportunities

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Hundreds of experiments turned into new products, services and impact

We have helped dozens of customers experiment with new technology and partners. The outcome is clear. Experimentation leads to new insights, and helps to identify the best opportunities for new products and services.



technology experiments with partners organised



proof of concepts built with partners



new projects started from experiments

You can also use our AI-based Spinbase to find funding opportunities and partners

Spinbase is an artificial intelligence based EU funding & partner search tool that provides more freedom and simplicity in searching, bringing funding and partnerships data from tens of different resources under one single platform, and recommends you the best matching opportunities just like a consultant 24/7. By entering your idea or project abstract, you will find suitable funding instruments, other players interested in the same kind of subjects, and information to refine your plans.

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