Customer story

Zero Emission Marine ecosystem to boost sustainable marine industry

"Spinverse’s depth and width of expertise as well as their track record in supporting companies and consortia in winning national and EU funding calls was a key factor when choosing a partner for setting up the Zero Emission Marine ecosystem. We are confident that we will together, in the ecosystem, fulfill and exceed our promise to decarbonize the Maritime world."

Kenneth Widell, Project Manager, Wärtsilä.

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Funding instrument

Business Finland Veturi for leading companies via EU Resilience and Recovery Fund (RRF)

Zero Emission Marine (ZEM) collaborative project aims to reduce greenhouse gases by 60% in the marine industry by 2030. As an ecosystem leader, Wärtsilä will launch an extensive RDI project together with close to 200 actors who share a goal of creating a zero-emission ecosystem for the marine industry.

Key challenges

We need immediate actions to fight the climate change also in marine industry. The ZEM ecosystem aims to accelerate the implementation of technologies that enable the introduction of green fuels and drive the ecosystem towards economically feasible carbon-neutral fuels such as ammonium and hydrogen.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported the Wärtsilä team in planning and preparing their winning project proposal in the Business Finland challenge for leading companies, also known as Veturi challenge. The work continued with the Spinverse team of experts supporting the building and leading this innovative and sustainable ecosystem together with Wärtsilä and help the ecosystem on its journey towards its ambitious goals.

Key takeaways

The sustainable technology solutions to be developed in the Zero Emission Marine ecosystem project will not only benefit the marine industry but the energy sector at large. At the same time, being part of the ZEM ecosystem will benefit many innovative companies co-creating the solutions.