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Globally, 5 billion tons of ore and 10 billion tons of side rock is produced every year. About 70-80 % of mine energy consumption is used for transport, crushing and grinding – 2/3rd of that in vain for side rock transportation, crushing and grinding.

Funding instrument Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 1

TimeGate Instruments has developed and patented Raman spectroscopic technology that can analyse mineral content real-time during drilling operations thus avoiding the processing of side rock. Spinverse helped TimeGate to formulate the business idea and apply for SME Instrument Phase 1.

Even a small improvement in mining selectivity can achieve significant reduction to energy and water use and prevent waste formation.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse helped in business and project planning, proposal writing and evaluation of the quality of the proposal, resulting in a successful application.

Key takeaways

A business plan, market and pilot customer analysis and R&D project plan for the robust, real time mineralogical analysis device based on Timegated® Raman technology.

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