Customer story

SPIRIT programme boosts a sustainable plastics industry

"Spinverse team brings to the collaboration key capabilities in ecosystem leadership, but also wide expertise on polymer technology, bio and circular economy, which are important assets in our partnership."

Jari Lehtinen, Programme Manager, Borealis.

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Funding instrument

Business Finland Veturi for leading companies via EU Resilience and Recovery Fund (RRF)

SPIRIT programme and ecosystem aim to drive the transformation of the plastics industry in Finland by means of three main activities: the replacement of conventional fossil fuel-based feedstocks with renewably sourced ones; the development of technologies and processes for the mechanical and chemical recycling of plastics; and the decarbonisation of production operations through electrification as well as the use of hydrogen and renewable energy sources.

Key challenges

Borealis has taken on a brave challenge to redefine plastics manufacturing aiming towards carbon neutrality by 2045. Replacing fossil raw materials with biobased ones and boosting both mechanical and chemical recycling of polyolefins are major tasks, which require intensive collaboration with a variety of partners.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse’s expert team supported Borealis in planning and preparing their winning Veturi Programme proposal for Business Finland's Veturi challenge for leading companies. The application preparation process demonstrated smooth cooperation with the dynamic group of experts at Borealis. Spinverse team will help Borealis to build and lead the ecosystem and related projects needed to fulfil this ambitious mission.

Key takeaways

The project will, at best, lead to outgrowths on a business level that will be worth several millions of euros, industrial investments, significant impact on employment, growth in export earnings and tax revenue, and positive effects on the environment.