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Re-Thinking All Plastic Packaging

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Funding instrument

Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)

EU funding coaching and application review for a consortium led by MetGen

Enabling the use of hardwood for the production of fructose, to be used for the manufacturing of 100 % bio-based plastic bottles and other plastic packaging. This will be supported by advanced enzyme technologies of the project coordinator MetGen, and aims to replace the use of food/starch based fructose for plastics.

How we reached the goals

Spinverse supported the client MetGen and the consortium members from Sweden and the Netherlands to apply for Horizon 2020 funding. We assisted the members of the consortium in the application procedures and actively worked to ensure the overall quality of the project proposal.

Key takeaways

The consortium will improve their processes through enzymatic solutions to quality, performance and economics of their renewable packaging material.

Project enables production of plastics from wood – a sustainable solution entirely from renewable materials that is also technically and economically superior to the technologies and materials used today.

The consortium was among the 6 % of applicants to receive funding and MetGen was the only successful Finnish project participant in the FTI call in 2015.

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